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Fibre Optics

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Fibre Optics

We offer a wide range of Data and Pre-terminated Fibre Optic Cable in OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 Standards.

We also offer supply and installation services for the following items:

Data Cabinets
Power Distribution Units
Cat 5e and Cat 6 Patch Panels
HP Procurve Switch
Managed Wireless

As well as the ability to suite out a whole IT room, including the supply of computer systems and benching.

Advantages of Fibre Installation


Optical fibres will carry signals with much less energy loss than their copper counterparts and at a much higher bandwidth. Bandwidth equates to data carrying capacity, therefore more channels of information can be carried over longer distances with fewer repeaters.

Size & Weight

Optical fibres are much thinner and lighter than copper cables; this means there is less space required in ducting and trunking when installing a system.


Optical fibres are almost impossible to tap into without detection, making it an ideal medium for banks and other information sensitive environments. They are immune from radio signals, ignition systems, lightning etc; so they can be safely routed through explosive or flammable atmospheres and potentially hazardous sites.

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